Thursday, July 31, 2014

Band for Life Rhinestone Shirt

Hello! Longest week ever it seems. I've felt like tomorrow is Friday all week long. Almost there. 

Well my daughter is going into her second year of High School.
The one thing that she absolutely enjoys in High School is the Band.
It keeps her busy, she meets lots of new people and learns the art of Music.
I too was a Band "Geek".  But band are the memories from high school that remember. 

Rhinestones in this Design are crystal, black and dark blue.  I love how it turned out.

Well thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Glass Cutting boards

Have you seen these little glass cutting boards? 
 I absolutely LOVE them.

They come in square and Circle.

I flipped the design before I cut it out.  Then applied it to the back of the cutting boards.

I personalized one for my sister for a small wedding gift.

It was hard taking pictures of these since they are clear. 
But thanks for stopping by and taking a look. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hardships 12x12 tile

Hello, Today I want to show you a 12x12 tile I did up.

There is a local police officer fighting cancer and they are doing a fundraiser dinner and silent auction.  I'm going to donate this tile.  I thought this saying was fitting for the circumstances.

I've gotten so good a weeding the vinyl I'm thinking about doing a video showing you how I do it....

Anyways, thanks for stopping in to take a look.  

Monday, July 28, 2014

England T-shirts!

Hi and Hello Monday!!

I look forward to Monday for 2 reasons. 1) Bachelorette finale is tonight (Don't judge me ;)) and 2.) It's $.99 Cream slush day at Sonic and date night!  Every Monday the Hubby and I go get a cream slush and go for a drive.  Just something we look forward to every week.  Did I mention we celebrated our 18th Wedding anniversary yesterday?  Time sure does go fast.

Speaking of time going fast, I can't believe summer vacation is almost over.  
One of the many many things we did this summer, my daughter and I went to girls camp for our Church.
It was a lot of fun.  Each ward or group of girls was to choose a country to represent and we chose England.

I got a heat press in March for my Birthday and so I take every chance I get to use it to make shirts.
So these are the shirts I made for each of the girls.

These photos really don't do them justice, they look great!
Well thanks for swinging by and taking a look, come back again soon!!

Graduation cards

Today I wanted to show you some graduation cards
my daughter and I made for a couple of her friends who were graduating.

We didn't make envelopes  for these cards.  We made them fold up.
We sewed a button on the top and made a little tassel out of yarn. 
Then added  a little doodling.

Her friends really liked them.
Thanks for stopping in and taking a look!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Teacher's name Wooden sign

Hello and Happy Sunday!

Today I wanted to show you a wooden sign I made for a teacher friend of mine. 
This gal has been through so much and fought so hard to get where she is today and I'm so proud and happy for her.

I love working with wood and building things. So I made her this name sign out of wood.  

                        I cut  a 2x4 and then cut a point out of the top all with my miter saw.
Then I painted it.  I painted both sides of the sign so no matter where she put it her name can be seen.
I then wrap some twine around the end by the eraser to give it some texture. 

I really loved making this sign.  I think I might try my hand at some more wood projects!!

Well thanks for stopping in and taking a look, come back again soon!

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