Friday, April 30, 2010

Oratorical Contest

Shellsea was asked to participate in the city oratoricl contest. There were 5 students around Yuma who participated in the contest. Each student was to write a 4-5 minute speach on Cyber Communications. Shell wrote her speech and would practice it with us. I didn't really love the speech. I wanted to go in and change so many things. But this is her speech. It was coming from a 5th grader it needed to sound like it was coming from a 5th grader. She did a great job presenting the speech. She had most of it memorized. She wrote the speech on index cards which she used for refrence. In the end though she ended up 3rd. The 1st and 2nd place winners in my opinion had speeches that I'm pretty sure were strongly parental influenced. That and they read it right off of a piece of paper. I guess we alway think our kid is the best. I'm so proud Shell she did a great job and it really doesn't matter what place she comes in.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Probably not invented yet.

My Son has a 52" Big Screen TV in his room. It is one that his dad got from a customer who didn't want it anymore. The color is off but other than that it works great. Well it's so big it just really makes his room cluttered. He does not need that TV in his room. So I was telling him today that we have to take it out but I will give him my old 19" flat screen from my scrapbook studio. He looks at me and says, "But mom that TV is so small." I replied, "Jaiden I never had a TV in my room growing up so you better be thankful to have a TV at all." Then you know what his response to that was? "Probably because they weren't invented yet." Really? Wow! It's amazing how kids really think we are soooo old.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

My daughters bedroom was completly out of control. She just had way too much stuff in there with no place to put anything. The last time we did her room she wanted it pink. Well now she absolutly hates pink. Her daybed was broken so we had to take it out. She was sleeping on the trundle bed that was under her daybed. She didn't pop it up because she was affraid it was going to fall. I know I can go in and clean her room but that doesn't teach her anything. That and I hardly have time for all things I do allready. So I thought that if she had a room that she loved she would be a little more motivated to clean her room.

All her furniture matched and was white. She has an older "big" tv you know the non flat screen kind. The TV is in a white cabinet which was just another place to pile up more stuff. It had to go.

Shellsea she changes her taste like every month or so so we had to come up with a room idea that is somewhat neutral. So when she changes her mind or her favorite color we don't have to do a complet makeover. We talked about getting her a bunk bed that has the bed on top and the futton on the bottom. She loves to sit and read. So we thought that this would give her seating apart from her sleeping area. But she is growing up and a bunk bed just seemed childish and we are really trying to find a room that will grow up with her.
I love to do projects and I love to do them for the least amount of money. I know it would be easier just go buy all new. But I love the challenge. So I thought She has the mattresses so she needs a bed frame. So it's 50% off day at the local Goodwill. I ran in there one night right before they were about to close. I couldn't believe it. I found a twin headboard and footboard for $12.99 and it was 1/2 price so I only paid like $7. It didn't come with the metal frame but I remembered my mom a while ago asked me if I needed a set. So I called her up to see if she still had them. Yes, she did, but they had been sitting outback and were really rusty. A little rust didn't stop me. I scrubbed them down and after several days of chemicals and scrubbing they were ready to be painted.

So we went with a "brazilian tan" color of paint. Her favorite color today is purple so I thought we can do her Headboard in purple and do purple bedding. That way when she decides she really don't like purple we can change her bedding. The furniture went from White to Black and her white closet doors also went to black. I spray painted EVERYTHING. The desk, night stand, dresser and closet doors. We took out the cabinet that had the TV in it and put a small 19 in flat screen on her dresser.

As I said earlier she loves to read. She has this big beautiful wood doll house that she has outgrown but we love it so instead of using it for dolls we used it as a bookcase. It was in her closet. This didn't give enough room for her clothes and that was adding to the clutter. So we took it out of her room a got her a bookcase to house all her books and karate trophies.

Now that we have everything cleaned up we need to put stuff on the walls. We are in the process of cutting vinyl phrases. That will have to be on another posting.

So In total with paint, headboard, bedding and bookcase I spent about $150.
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