Sunday, July 7, 2013

God Bless America

                                      Hi everyone!  I know it's been awhile, again.  
                       I swear its always something.  Does anyone else feel this way?

                       My son plays on the All-star baseball team and a travel baseball team
              and my husband coaches.  So we are always, it seems at a game, practice or 
              tournament. Well this last tournament we came home to find we had been burglarized. 
               Yep and guess what was taken?  Well besides the obvious TV, Xbox?  My husbands                                         
                   laptop, ouch.  But here is the painful part....        My Gypsy was gone! 😫
                     Yep they took it out of its case and left the case. But sadly I still had all my cartridges
              So I wasn't too upset (yes I was).  I had my Silhouette still right? WRONG!!  Well I have my             
              Silhouette but my laptop was gone.  It had pictures and SVG files and design studio, ugh!
         Although this was devastating to my crafting the fear and feeling of violation to the kiddos was    
           Worse.  My sons championships rings were gone.  My daughters room ransacked.  I just don't      
           Understand how people can do this.  But we all have learned from this and are trying to move 

          So on a more positive note here is the last project I made.  Thought they turned out great 
          And they look great on my piano.  

                So I hope you like my patriotic decor.  I also hope this posts the way it's suppose to as I am writing from my iPad. Thanks for dropping in to take a look.  Hope to see ya agin soon!!

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