Friday, February 19, 2010

This page a day thing is harder than I thought. Do you see this simple boring page? Well it took me 3 hours. Looking at it you would think what maybe 30 minutes? I've decided the page a day thing is for week days only. My family thinks I don't like them because I disapear into my scrapbook studio for hours everyday. I have to spend a little less time scraping and more time with the fam. At least untill I can get rid of this mental block I seem to be having. Too bad I can't convince the hubby to scrapbook...hahaha ya right like that will ever happen. So unless time permits this weekend I will be back on Monday.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Only Time will Tell.

So here we go. I'm not sure yet about this one page a day. But it does help me keep my day going. I feel like all my "chores" have to be done before I can "go out and play" I find though that I feel rushed and pressured to complete a page and so my mind is not free to be creative. But I believe as I continue to do this daily it will become easier. I just hope that the pages will begin to look better as well. Only time will tell.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Scrapbook page a day

So my real passion is scrapbooking. When I say scrapbooking I do mean hands on, paper scissors, embeishments. I've got way too much invested into the machines and paper "stuff" to go digital. My biggest problems are that I don't have alot of time and I spend 2-3 hours per page layout. So I have made a resolution to do one page per day. I'm so far behind that even one page a day will never catch me up but at least I won't fall completly behind. The blank spaces are for journaling that I will fill in later while watching TV or I will often take with me to work or other appointments where I will be sitting and waiting. So check back daily to see new pages.

Today I was fortunate enough to take a full day off. It was amazing. I scrapbooked all day it was freaking amazing and long awaited. So I did get a couple of pages done to start off the page a day. I'm not completly happy with this page. I think it needs more stickers, rub ons or something. But for now it's done.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2009 Family Album

We had family pictures taken for the 1st time in probably 8 years. I know pretty sad. Now that I have these wonderful photos I had to share them. This is just one of many things I have created with this photo session. I won't wait another 8 yrs before we do this again. I think I'd like to make this a yearly thing.

I used a 8x8 album. Just sanded and inked the edges. Then used the gypsy and cricut express to create the little swirlys. Then added a few stickers and rub ons throughout. Very simple and to the point.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well in January we did the local Home Show. Right next to our booth was a booth selling Americraft Cookware. So for 3 days I got to learn all about this amazing cookware. I heard testimonials of customers who would come up and say they had had there cookware for 30 years. Well I don't know about you but I've got some cookware that I've had since I got married 13 yrs ago. It was great cookware but I will be honest with you it's time to be replaced.
I recieved my cookware last night and of course had to wash and use it right away. We had Steak, potatoes, Corn on the cob, broccoli and carrots. This cookware allows you to put it in the pan put the lid on and walk away for only about 10-15 minutes. It was so freaking cool. The veggies I put all in one pan no water except the left over water on them from being rinsed off, cooked for about 5 minutes with the lid on. They were wonderful and we hadn't boiled the nutrients out of them. I didn't know that when you boil your veggies and the water changes color that that is all the good stuff. So Not only do we save time and money but we are eating healthier too. I'm so excited for our new commitment to not eating out. Although we invested alot into this cookware I believe if we eat at home more we will save more money in the long run and be much healthier for it.
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