Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What we do.

So my husband, Dean and I have a store we are authorized dealers for DIRECTV but we are not DIRECTV. This basically means we can sign people up, install and activate equipment. But as far as billing or programing goes we have no control.For the most part we love what we do. But as with anything it has its ups and it's downs. The ups are that we work for ourselves. We make the rules and run things how we think should be ran. The downs are that there is a never ending amount of work to be done. That and we are dealers for a rather large company. Although we arn't that company and we are local we tend to get alot of the complaints that wouldn't have been complaints had they signed up with us to begin with. For the most part though we have great customers who many have become great friends.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Blog or not to Blog....that is the question.

There are some incredible blogs out there and I read them and wonder how could I possibly compare to these. But as time goes by I realize that I might not have the most fancy or the worded. I might not have the best pictures or stories. I might just have an ordinary story, but it's my story. Every picture and every piece of decor says something about me, and that is what it's all about right? So this year is the year of the Blog. I'm sure I will change it up alot as I learn new things but I'm going to get my story out and I hope that maybe someone will read it and learn about me and my story.
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