Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

There is something about the beginning of a new year.  It's a time of reflection to look back at the last year and strive to be better and do better in the coming year.  The number 13 has always been a lucky number for me so I hope that that means 2013 has good things in store.  I want to blog more and Facebook less.  That is my largest resolution for this year.  It's not that I don't craft because I craft always, daily.  I just don't take the time to photograph and blog.Then I'm going to strive to drink more water.  I will go days without a glass of water.  I've cut out the Diet Coke from 8-10 per day to 1-2 per week. But now I drink all Crystal Light, (*sigh).  Then  to keep moving.  I need to lose some weight but I'm happy.  So if I can just keep moving daily I think that I will slowly drop the lbs.  

So those are my small plans for 2013, What are yours?  

What better way to start off the new year then with a "New Year's" bear.  I got this cartridge a few weeks ago and haven't used it yet.  It's so adorable.  I love how the bear is the same bear and all the clothing are different.  Oh and just so you know,  I bought my cartridge at my local Walmart.  It was priced at $39.  Well I took in the weekly Michael's Ad and Walmart price matched the Cartridge so I got it for $29.  

  • TEDDY BEAR PARADE  New years bear cut from Gypsy @ 3.47"
  • Clothes were scraps from stash
  • Background shape cut at 4.92", 4.57" and 4.22"
  • Card is 5"x6 1/4"

Well thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  I hope you have a Happy New Year!!

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  1. What a fun, fun card - just perfect for New Years! I love the colors and glitter! I haven't made any resolutions (because I rarely keep them for more than a day or two), but I do plan to make better use of my time and try to work some exercise into every day. Good luck with your goals and Happy New Year!


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