Monday, October 8, 2012

The Procrastinated Birthday Gift.

Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend, I sure did.
Do you ever know you have to do something and you think about it all the time and you see the deadline is creeping up, sometimes pretty quickly?  Well that would pretty much sum me up in a nutshell.  I know it's not good and I hate the feeling at the last minute rushing around so I'm really working on fixing this bad habit.   But I let this happen to me again this past Friday.  I'd known about my nieces Birthday Party coming up on Friday evening and I knew I needed to make her her gift and I even had a day off during the week and I just never did it, Ugh!  So Friday after work at 4 PM ( party is at 6 PM and I have to take my daughter to a school function at 5 PM)  I get started. 
I've mentioned it in a few post how when I'm doing a Cricut cut I like to make extra and put them away for later.  Well this is one of those times it came in handy.  I have a whole bunch of Critters from the Create A Critter Cartridge all ready cut and ready to go.
She said that her favorite colors were Red and Blue and she liked animals so..... 

I made her her own room sign.

I didn't want to just make her the Room sign because I was going to make one for her sister later and I didn't want her to feel bad.  So I took a Clip board and a mini composition notebook and covered them really quickly with the left over paper from the sign. I know super plain but I was in hurry!

Then I wanted to be able to present her gift cute and one of a kind.  So I decided to personalize her gift bag.  I Took again some of the scraps from the Sign, took a Martha Stewart gooey punch to the red and added some animals and here's what I came up with.

I think that she really liked it and I know I got tons of comments on the bag.  I keep thinking about how much more I could have done had I not waited till literally the last minute! Well it all worked out and next time I'm thinking I will start a couple of days before the party.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, Please come back again soon!

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