Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stamping Notebook

Hello Hello! Today I wanted to show you a little way that I try to keep track of stamps.  I'm not completely sure it's worth the time spent yet, but it looks really cute on my desk...LOL.
I tend to pick up a lot of those $1 bin stamps on my way out of the big craft stores.  But when it comes to using them I never remember what I have.  Then for me to go through them all just turned me off from finishing my project or I ended up using one that I had close at hand and probably use all the time.  So thats when I decided I needed an organized way to know what I had.
Now this is just for those $1 stamps not for the PK, SU or any of those.

  • I cut 2 pieces of Chipboard down to 4 1/2"x6 1/2"
  • Covered them in printed paper.
  • The Daisy was cut from Mickey and Friends but was just laying around in my all ready cut pile so I'm not sure what size, same with the pink Circle.
  • Then I stamped on it Stamp. 
  • For the inside paper I used 4x6 Index cards with no lines.
  • I used the Cinch to punch the holes and to add the notebook rings.

  •  Now on the inside I made dividers for different subjects.  I probably could have done more but ran out of space.

  • I then carelessly and quickly stamped the stamps in the right divided area.  

So yes I know I will see the stamp and know which one I want to use but will still have to go through the drawer full of them. I have them divided in the drawer the same way they are divided in the book so hopefully it will make things a little easier.  I'm really trying to use the supply's I have on hand and not to purchase new. I will let you know how it works out.

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