Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 day's of Handmade Christmas gifts ~Day 23

Hello and welcome to day 23 of the 30 Days of Handmade Christmas Gift Giving Blog Hop! If you came here from Jill's blog over at the Scrapoholic then you are in the right place!  If you just stopped by my blog and would like to see the past 22 days of the Hop Jill has them posted on her blog so check it out.
I decided to make a Christmas Ornament. My MIL gave me one a long time ago and said here figure out how to make this.  It was pretty but I just never really did anything with it. Year after year it sat in my Christmas ornament box. I never used it. I would  unwrap it see what it was and wrap it back in paper.  So this year for this hop for whatever reason that little ornament came to mind.  So I went out digging through all of my Christmas stuff and I couldn't find the darn thing for the life of me. So I just went with what I could remember.

Now I was really surprised as to what it was made with.  I used a light bulb, a water bottle cap and a water bottle lid.

First thing I did was  poke a hole in the middle of the bottle cap.

Then I took a piece of wire and made a loop for hanging the ornament.

I then twisted the wire together on the inside of the bottle cap and added some hot glue to help reinforce it.

I then hot glued the cap to the light bulb.

Next you want to hot glue the  bottle lid the bottom of the light bulb.

Using a neutral color I paint the entire ornament. Then let it dry for maybe 10 minutes.

Next I took this Krylon Easy Tack. (The same spray glue I use to re stick my Cricut mats) I sprayed the ornament all over.

Then I took Martha Stewart Garnet Glitter and sprinkled it on the glue and this is what I came up with.

I went to Joann's before I begun the project and grabbed a few different things I thought would work for this project.  I only ended up using a couple of the items for this one.

I used the hot glue gun to attach the trim to the ornament. Now this is what I finished with and I really didn't like it. It was pretty and sparkly but I felt that something was missing.

So I found some ribbon with red and silver and glued it to the top and I think it turned out really pretty.  There are so many options for decorating. You could also take a vinyl letter and put it on then take it off when it was all done to make it a monogrammed ornament. 

Well thank you for stopping by to take a look, I hope that you liked it. Be sure to check back tomorrow on Jill's blog to see who the next blogger is with another fun project.


  1. so beautiful!!! what an awesome and new spin on the lightbulb ornaments! Thanks!

  2. Wow! That's craftastic!

    Wanted to stop by and also thank you for the birthday wishes!

  3. This is just gorgeous! I've seen some cute ornaments made with lightbulbs but I love yours the best! I so see doing this for my girls, neices, sisters, any girl in my life! TFS! and being part of the hop!

  4. Handmade and Homemade are best gifts for Christmas Presents. You've shared very unique and Innovative Ideas. The most important thing is that we can give gifts in our budget and its not costly as well. Please keep sharing like these Ideas..

  5. Sarah, this is very cute! Just remember, since everyone is switching to CFL's, this shape is slowly losing popularity--so I guess it would be smart to SAVE these older bulbs that are burned out and re-use them that way!!


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