Monday, April 25, 2011

My Entry for the Provo Craft E2 Contest

I could not believe somehow I never heard about the contest Provo Craft was holding for the E2.  I read about it at work on Tues the 19th of April.  I had to try and win one. You were allowed 3 entries. So that night the goal was to make 3 Layouts.  Well I don't just whip up Layouts, I take forever.  So I was only able to enter one.  I took it the post office on Weds. the 20th.  They had to be in Provo Crafts office by 5 pm on the 22nd so I paid Extra shipping to get it there on time.  I had just gotten the Mini Monster Cartridge so I decided to use it.

I've seen many of the entries all ready and it puts mine to shame but it was fun to enter and I can't wait to watch it all on HSN.
Thanks for stopping over to look and if you've entered to win the E2, Good luck!!


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