Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Newport Beach

We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel out to Newport Beach this year for Memorial Day. We had family with a Beach house for the weekend which made it really nice.

In the mornings we got up and walked the beach looking for sea Shells. There were Dolphins and even A Sea Lion later in the Morning. Jaiden didn't want to get up so he didn't end up walking with us at all but Shellsea for sure was up and ready to go. She needed this time with just us and with her daddy.

We did all the normal "Beach" stuff I guess. We played in the sand, walked on the peir and played in the water. Well the water part, not so much. It was still really cold. Dean and the kids got wet but me just my feet. I don't do well in cold water. I'm a true born Arizonian. I don't like to be cold. The high temp for the day was only like 68*.

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