Friday, June 18, 2010

My Craft Space

I feel truly blessed to have the space that I can have my very own room, devoted to crafting. It's a neverending challenge to find the right storage for everything. I love to see other work spaces to get ideas so I thought I would share mine in hopes that maybe someone else might get an idea. Scrapbooking is my passion but it has spilled over into card making and then into paper crafting in general. Then Home Decor and even sewing. Although, I use my sewing machine for paper more than I sew fabric.

I got all the cabinets at Lowes. They arn't standard Kitchen size but like the size you'd find in a laundry room or maybe a garage. Then for the counter top I just bought a nice piece of plywood and had it cut in half. Then I coated it with gloss that I purchased at Michaels.
I have plenty of room for my Cricut, cuttlebug and printer on the counter tops. Plus I have my computer moniter and Xyron Wishblade. Here in this photo I have some ribbon storage. Oh and you can't forget the TV. And though you can't see it but under the Counter top is my DIRECTV HDDVR. Then there is storage room on top on the cabinets as well.

Here is the long cupboard and next to it my Magazine stand. Comes in handy for all the Scrapbook/card making magazines I get every month. Problem is it's all ready full. You can kinda see on the cupboard more ribbon storage.

Oh and how could I forget the fridge stocked with Diet Coke. What's a scrapbook room with out lot's of Diet Coke to help me stay awake while scrapbooking late at night.

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  1. have an AWESOME scrap space....I LOVE it!!!! Its so beautiful...had to laugh at all that Diet Coke...too cute!!!!!!



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