Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Scrapbook page a day

So my real passion is scrapbooking. When I say scrapbooking I do mean hands on, paper scissors, embeishments. I've got way too much invested into the machines and paper "stuff" to go digital. My biggest problems are that I don't have alot of time and I spend 2-3 hours per page layout. So I have made a resolution to do one page per day. I'm so far behind that even one page a day will never catch me up but at least I won't fall completly behind. The blank spaces are for journaling that I will fill in later while watching TV or I will often take with me to work or other appointments where I will be sitting and waiting. So check back daily to see new pages.

Today I was fortunate enough to take a full day off. It was amazing. I scrapbooked all day it was freaking amazing and long awaited. So I did get a couple of pages done to start off the page a day. I'm not completly happy with this page. I think it needs more stickers, rub ons or something. But for now it's done.

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