Friday, August 1, 2014

Our Love Story ~Timeline

Hi! Can you believe school is starting up again?  Where did the summer go?
I was so busy I guess it just passed me by.

This next project is one I completed this summer.  
You might think it looks simple, nothing fancy.  Well it's a lot harder then it looks. 
From weeding all the negative parts out to lining everything up.  
It was a lot of work but I like how it turned out and I think my friend/customer did too!

Now this is solid Wood and measured (I believe) 16" x 40". It's a big and heavy mumbo jumbo. LOL
She originally wanted me to just do the vinyl that she could put on her wall.  But then she mentioned that she might be moving soon.  That is a lot of work to put on a wall just to move and it's not like the next family that moves in can use it.  So I made it on Wood so she can take it with her no matter where she goes.

They just adopted 2 more and it was nice that I could add them onto the Timeline just in time for the adoption.
Thanks for stopping by to take a look, come back again soon!

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