Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My "PINK" Imagine!

If I remember right when the Imagine first came out or right before they were saying we could buy replacement parts to customize it to our favorite color.  I haven't heard another thing about it.  So I was thinking, why couldn't I just paint it myself? So that is just what I did.
I set out today to find pink spray paint that would adhere to plastic.  I went to Walmart and well they didn't have it in pink. They had a really light purple but no pink. So I set out to Lowes to see what they had. I found this spray paint and though it doesn't say on the front of the can that it is made for plastics like some of them do, it does say on the back of the can that it works on most plastics.  I went ahead and took the chance.
How'd you do it  you ask?  Well I learned by doing and so I will share some tips with you so you don't have to go through what I did.  First thing is taking the trim off.  The front strip...
This is only attached by 3 magnets. The lip you see here up on the top of the strip slids up under the handle you use to open the machine. It is easier to pull this off after the Imagine is open.

Now for the sides. I didn't have a clue how to get the sides off. So I just kinda pulled on it and well suprising enough they, pretty easily, came right off. So once I pulled the sides off there were screws with little metal like spacers. I just unscrewed the screws, pulled off the spacers and pulled off the plastic cover up. I then spray painted. There was no need to tape off anything. Although I did cover the magnets as shown above on the front trim piece. I didn't paint that side but I did tape off just to be safe.  So I let everything dry and I brought them in.

Now for the learning part.  I went to put the sides back on and well the screws and spacers I couldn't get lined up for it to slide back on.  That is when I realized that there is access to the screws while the trim is on the machine and I probably should've unscrewed the screws before taking off the sides. But luckily no damage was done. So how I put it back together is I slid the metal spacers into the machine it's self. Then I put the side trim pieces on. Make sure the bottoms click in. Also there is a Left side and Right side. The inside of the trim is marked L or R. Then I was able to put the screws in. They went right in right through the spacers. Then I put the black plastic cover piece in.
So There you have it a Pink "do it yourself" Imagine. Thanks for checking it out. If you decide to color yours I'd love to see it. See you next time.


  1. Wow, you did a great job. It's really pretty. You should work for Provo!

  2. glad to know it! maybe when this blizzard is over I will head out for some plastic paint...

  3. very pretty, thanx for sharing!!! TOTALLY LOVE IT!!

  4. Very nice, indeed... good to know how if I decide I want to... I am pretty much a 'keep it natural' type person... but it looks Great!!!! and very easy... I had purchased E in basic black - the non-color I choose most often.... although if it had come in a Violet shade, that would have been my first choice
    Thanks for sharing.... maybe I'll do it if I get the time and get bored, now that I know how.

  5. I LOVE it just may have to get some paint soon! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Love...Love the way it came out! You are so brave to try & paint your Imagine.


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