Friday, May 7, 2010


This is Jaiden's 2nd year playing YBBL. He is a natural ball player. But coming from a long line of baseball players it's no surprise. This year he is the oldest on his team and in my opinion one of the best. This is an educated opinion by the way not a bias one because I'm his mom. He always gets on base. He hasn't struck out once. He really does a great job all around. This year we were really lucky that Dean could coach Jaiden's team. With Deans baseball experience, patience and all around love of the game it was a perfect match.
The kids in this level are ages 6-8yrs old. They don't use a pitcher but a pitching machine and they don't publicly take score. It's basically to teach the kids the fundamentals of the game and how to be a team. This season Jaiden started out playing 1st base where he did good for the most part. The usual ball that should've been caught, but good. The team needed a catcher and there are only a few kids that could really qualify for that position. They would need to be able to catch somewhat good and be able to throw oh and fit into the catchers gear. Yes, a couple of the boys are super tiny.

Jaiden asked to try the catching position and he liked it. Although he did get a bat thrown upside his head, he was fine that is what the gear is for. He likes the other positions too. Dean rotates the 3 boys that can do catcher. They take turns playing 1st, short stop and catcher. The season is almost over it ends the end of May. Stay tuned for Team and individual pictures.

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