Sunday, April 26, 2015

70 Sucks!!

Hi! Today I want to give you a little birthday inspiration.
Recently we celebrated my Mother-In-Laws 70th Birthday. 
It was a great party for close friends and family.
We stayed the weekend at a resort, it was fabulous!

I was in charge of some of the decor and went with
fun bright colors and candles.

This little "70 sucks" bouquet we had on the table.

I used those same candles for her gift bag.

I love to decorate gift bags! 
(Oh wait I love to decorate everything, lol)

I'm super sad because I cannot find a picture of just the banner.  
So I had to do this one.  Hopefully she doesn't read my blog. 
(If you do, I love you! :))

I also did cups for each party guest. Those I can't find a picture of anywhere.  So I will paint you a picture and you can use your imagination.  

You know that song "Red Solo Cup"?  Ok think of those cups but in a real plastic not disposable plastic. Now picture them in pink and blue and green.
You with me still?

Ok so then I put everyone's names on each cup in white vinyl.
  Pretty easy I thought. 
They were a huge hit!

Then the last thing that I did was make a little photo booth area.  I don't have a picture of that either but I do have a group picture of everyone using the props.

Well that's all I've got for you today.  Thanks for stopping in to take a look!

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