Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dr. Who Tardis Card

Hi! So on a normal day,
 I would have absolutely no idea what this was. In fact there was a time I had no idea what this was. 
It looked like some weird old phone booth looking thing.

But I learned quickly from my teenage daughter that this blue box phone booth looking
 thingy is a Tardis.  Yep you read that right T-a-r-d-i-s.  

Weird I think but it's from a show called Dr. Who and she is hooked on it.  I don't get it or care for it much but she loves it.  So because she loves it so much I decided to make her a Tardis Card for her birthday.  

The cool thing about the Tardis is that on the outside it looks like a simple phone booth if you will, but when you open and go inside it is huge. So that is the thought behind this card.

The outside looks like a normal card.

But when you open it it's huge inside!

I think she got a kick out of it. I tried anyways. 

Well thanks for stopping by and taking a look, come back again soon.

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