Monday, July 28, 2014

England T-shirts!

Hi and Hello Monday!!

I look forward to Monday for 2 reasons. 1) Bachelorette finale is tonight (Don't judge me ;)) and 2.) It's $.99 Cream slush day at Sonic and date night!  Every Monday the Hubby and I go get a cream slush and go for a drive.  Just something we look forward to every week.  Did I mention we celebrated our 18th Wedding anniversary yesterday?  Time sure does go fast.

Speaking of time going fast, I can't believe summer vacation is almost over.  
One of the many many things we did this summer, my daughter and I went to girls camp for our Church.
It was a lot of fun.  Each ward or group of girls was to choose a country to represent and we chose England.

I got a heat press in March for my Birthday and so I take every chance I get to use it to make shirts.
So these are the shirts I made for each of the girls.

These photos really don't do them justice, they look great!
Well thanks for swinging by and taking a look, come back again soon!!

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