Friday, November 1, 2013

Keep Calm and Coach on ~ T-shirt.

OK so I said I would show you the T-Shirt 
that I made for the hubby.  As you've probably read in earlier posts he is a baseball coach.  He's so good at it too.  He coach's a Travel Team that won state last year and he coaches league.
Well it was his birthday this past week and to him it's just another day.  But he does so much for us I tried to make his day special, even though he hates it.  I knew he wouldn't want me to buy him anything so I had to get creative. (Not hard, he he)
You know how the "Keep Calm and ..."  have been all the rage?  Well I kept with it.
I saw a shirt that had a baseball on it and it said "Keep Calm and Play on"  Well he doesn't play anymore, but he does coach!! The light bulb came on, lol.  "Keep Calm and Coach on"  It was perfect!!  I all ready had the White iron on Vinyl and a plain black T-shirt.

He seemed to like it.  He opened it and put it on then wore it to the game that night.  Fun stuff!  I really like the iron on vinyl.  

Well thanks for stopping in to take a look!! Hope you come back again soon!

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