Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hawaiian happy birthday ~ Never-ending card

Hi and happy Saturday. I can't believe I am out of town at another travel baseball game for my son.  We were just at one on memorial weekend.  But they are doing fantastic and this weekend is the state championships.  Then they go to the World Series in August.  We are so excited!!

But anyhow, back to the post at hand.  I wanted to show a card I made for my nail lady for her mothers birthday.  

When I asked Jen what her mom liked she said Hawaii and flowers.  So I went wit a Hawaiian theme.  

When I hear Hawaii I think of hula girls.  I found this cute hula dancer in the Silhouette online store and thought shed be perfect.  Same with the hibiscus flower on front, perfect!  I've found since I got my silhouette I hardly use my Cricut.  But I guess I'll save that for another post. 

Then like any of my other never-ending cards I make the little pockets for you to write a message or even tuck money into.  I sew the pockets with sewing machine to give it a little added detail.  

Then the back I covered with the same paper from throughout the card.
    So what did you think?  I was happy with it and Jen said her mom loved it,yay!

Thanks for stopping in and taking a look.  I'm hoping to keep the posts coming!  Have a good day!!😀

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