Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I know its a day late but that has been the story of my life lately, late.  But it's a new year and I've decided to be more crafty this year and less late.  The fabulous hubby bought me an iphone 4s and now I feel so organized. I can even blog right from my phone.  So now there is no excuse. 
So if you didn't know our family moved to a new home on Nov. 1 and although I have my own space I just haven't found my mojo at the new place.  I'm not sure what it is but that is my goal to figure it out.  I have a few projects I did over the last month or two that I didn't ever blog so even though there a couple Christmas themed ones I'm going to be posting them soon. 
 I'm so excited to see what this year brings.  I'm also thinking about putting together a "Pages through the ages" Blog Hop. So stay tuned for more information. 
Well I'm off to go make something, wish me luck! I will post it as soon as I'm done.

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