Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flower Power!

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a quick post to show you this flower bouquet that I made. I teach children ages 3-11 at church and we will call on them occasionally to participate.  Well there have been several instances where we've hurt a child's feelings because we didn't call on them.  It's not that we didn't want to call them it's just that there are too many children and we cannot call on everyone.  So I made this bouquet of flowers and on the back of each flower has a child's name. That way when it is time to call on a child we pick a flower.  That way it's the luck of the draw whether or not they get called.

The cartridge I used for all the flowers is the Forever Young. 
* I took shush kabob skewers and painted them green.
*Fill flower pot half way with green plant Styrofoam
*Added the little glass rocks on the top to hide the Styrofoam.
*Painted the pot Red and added a ribbon with a bow.

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  1. So sweet! I bet the kids love it!

  2. What a cute idea. I love it!! Have a wonderful 4th of July! TFS!

  3. Adorable, and your colors are wonderful. Plus it's a useful idea. Terrific job!--Pat N.

  4. Ow sarah, this is so cute !!

  5. What a great idea and a great job you did on all the flowers!


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