Thursday, July 28, 2011

A few more Imagine Cards

Hello everyone! I should still be camping, if blogger is posting correctly.  But I made a few more cards before I left that I wanted to share.  I used  my girlfriends cartridges.

This card is from Imagine More Cards. I hate taking any kind of credit for these cards.  I feel the Imagine does all the work.  I just put it all together.

Get Whale soon...haha get it? I know I'm a dork but I love this one.  I added some stickles on the whale.  Doesn't it just make you smile?

Here's another one that is fun.  Since I borrowed this cartridge from a friend I couldn't link it onto my gypsy and create the actual card in the same shape as the front of the card.  So I tried to make it similar.  I would do it different next time but for now it'll have to do.  It's bright and happy.

Now here is another fun card. I'm telling you I love this cartridge.  All these papers were printed from the Imagine More Cartridge.  Again can't take the credit. The Imagine printed everything out and I just put it all together. Oh and well added a little bow.

I've done all these cards and a few more in probably a couple of hours. I love these cartridges and this machine.
Thanks for taking a look, I hope to be home tomorrow!

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