Friday, February 11, 2011

How to make a Tri Fold Shutter card...My first Video.

Well I've enjoyed all the videos out there that have taught me so much. I decided I wanted to pay it forward and hopefully teach someone else something.  I've been pretty nervous about doing it but now that I have it was so much fun.  I hope that you enjoy. I know it's kinda cheesy I'm still new with figuring out the editing, so any feed back would be much appreciated.

I made a card back in January for the Valentines Day Card Blog Hop and this is the card that I'm showing today how to make. Enjoy!!


  1. Sarah, your video is simply wonderful!!! I'm honored that you featured the terrific card you made for my Valentine's Day Card Blog Hop, and I must say, your card is so delicious that I've lifted the photo and put it in my computer's stash I call "LOVELY IDEAS!"

    The video sure makes the process look very easy and I'm planning on using it TODAY. Bless you for taking that time!

    I now see you already have received the Stylish Blogger Award ... but before I noticed, I too awarded it to you on my blog @ Your blog is one of my very favorites! Keep up the wonderful work!!


  2. Okay, the Stylish Blogger must be going around b/c that's why I stopped by!

    Enjoy you honor!

    Amanda (

  3. You certainly are a stylish blogger! I agree with Ellen, you made this card look very simple to make. TFS!!! Great first video! Keep em coming, I'll be looking for them!

  4. Can't wait to try this one! I'm looking forward to participating with you on the Motions & Folds card hop coming soon!


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