Monday, February 28, 2011

A Happy Birthday Never Ending Card

I had so much fun making the Never ending card for this past weekends Blog Hop that I decided to make another one. This time with a Birthday Theme. If you scroll down I did do a quick video with the card live. This style of card just has to be brought to life.

Well thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back again soon!!


  1. I love this Sarah! As soon as I get time I am going to try to make this card. I have only been following your blog for a short time but I love your work :) I received an award today and I would like to pass it on to you. If you would like to accept, you can check it out on my blog

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by the Spring Fever Blog Hop - I hope you enjoyed looking around! I am happy to be your newest follower!


    PS - LOVE you owl layout - so cute!

  3. Hi there. :) I just wanted to pop in and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. :) You are so kind. Aidan has touched ALOT of people's hearts and I am only the messenger. I tear up alot when I think of how little he is and how big of a fight he still has.. then look at my lil 3 year old and THANK GOD for such a blessing. :) Please keep the prayers coming as he has a long road ahead of him. :) I will continue to update my blog so feel free to drop in anytime.. if you want to re post, also feel free to copy and paste anything on my blog. :)

    Big Hugs,

  4. Just wanted you to know I am so happy you put a birthday version of this card on your blog. I am in the midst of lifting it right now! Next week is DH's 50th birthday and I wanted to come up with something I knew he would like. So far, so good. I did have a little trouble because I didn't get things exactly square when I started, but I have been able to compensate for it and make it work. I am planning to put in on my blog and I will be sure to give you full credit! I will come back and leave you a link so you can see how it turns out. Without your video showing how it works after it is put together, I am not sure I could have made my silly brain understand! Thank you so much!


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