Saturday, January 8, 2011

My FABULOUS finds Haul!!

I had to go into Scottsdale yesterday for my post op appointment. I live about 3 hours from there so decided since I was there I would stop at Michael's and see what they had. I knew they were having a huge cartridge sale but I had heard it wouldn't start until today. Well the first Michael's had there $9.99 Clearance sale on selected cartridges all ready up and going. So I was able to pick up Paisley, Pagoda, Pooh Font, A Child's Year and Lyrical Letters. All these were only $9.99!!!! I also was able to pick up the poinsettia punch around the page punch set for only $4.99

Well there were a couple more cartridges that I really wanted at the $9.99 price but were all ready gone. I search several different Michael's in the area and was not able to find them. So I drove home and hit the Michael's at home and here is what I found for the $9.99 price. I got United we Stand, From My Kitchen and Freshly Picked. Yes I said Freshly Picked. I asked the cashier if she had any in back that were on sale and she said Freshly picked. I told her that I wanted that one along with the other 2. When she rang up the Freshly Picked it rang up for $89.99. I thought that that wasn't one of the sale ones. She said no I'm sure it had a sticker on it in the back and so she over rid the price and gave it to me for $9.99. Then I got a new Gypsy cover for $6.99 and a 3 pack of stylus's for $3.99. I seem to alway drop and break my stylus so I can never have too many of those.
While out shopping yesterday I hit Joann's. The Joann's up here put the one I'm my town to shame. I'm not kidding I walk into the Joann up here and it just takes my breath away. It's huge and amazing. It carries so much more stuff. I've been wanting this magnetic mat. I have a 12x12 black magnetic mat from Basic grey but when I saw the bigger PINK one I had to have it. So with my 40% off I got it. Yay!

Here are a couple of the paper packs that I also picked up. They were not marked but I've heard that they weren't marked. I took them up and both the Christmas 12x12 paper packs were $5.99 and then they had the 8x8 Metallic stack on clearance for $3.97. They had several 8x8 stacks on clearance but I only picked up this one. 


  1. I scored big time too! It was great to go shopping at Michaels yesterday. I got 8 1/2 X 11 paper packs for 99 cents each and a American Crafts Stamp Marker set for $2.39! MS punches and a few carts too.

    Thanks for stopping at my blog!

  2. Sarah,

    Congratulations on your haul!!! :) You scored big time!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wish I had seen this!



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