Sunday, October 17, 2010

My first YUDU project!

I have had my YUDU machine since March and have yet to use this thing. To be honest it was rather intimidating. But I decided to give it shot and make something we could wear for Halloween. I used the Wall Decor and More Cartridge. It all started when my daughter and I found these T-shirts at the $.99 only store. I thought I should start with something inexpensive so if I screw it up I won't be too upset. The orange Tee was the very first attempt. I did get some bleed off the side. The next one I learned to tape the sides so that it wouldn't go through.

My sons shirt is the orange and the purple is my daughters. I wanted to make the Hubby and I black shirt. The problem I had was that I didn't have any YUDU white paint. But I did have pink. So I was going to make mine with a black Tee and Pink design. I didn't clean the screen first because I thought it might give it a little swirl affect. Well this is what I got...

I thought wow this looks kinda grey with a slight pink ting but not alot. So I had to make the hubby's with the pink. They really do look sharp. I feel that the photo just doesn't do them justice. I now can't wait to do my next YUDU project. Thanks for looking! ~Sarah

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