Sunday, August 1, 2010

Martha Stewart Cricut Cake

So for those of you who didn't know Provocraft and Martha Stewart joined forces and created a Martha Stewart Cricut Cake. They debuted it on HSN on July 19th. Well I am a HUGE HSN fan as well. I get way too much stuff from HSN. I love them. Well I'm also on Twitter and I follow HSN. Well the day of the MS Cricut Cake debut HSN tweeted that they were giving away a couple Signed (yes I said signed) Martha Stewart edition Cricut cakes. So of course I re tweeted it and never thought another thing about it.

So the next morning I wake up like usual grab my phone check all my e-mails and Twitter updates. I have a mention? Hmmm who's mentioning me? It was HSN. I won!! I had won a Signed Martha Stewart Edition Cricut Cake. I'm so completely excited and thankful. To me the Cricut cake is something I would totally use if I had it but couldn't justify purchasing it right now. So I send them a DM and I think within a week I had a package on my front porch. I still can't believe it. It even came with the Martha Stewart's all Occasions cake Art Cartridge. Thank you Martha Stewart, Provocraft and HSN!

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  1. Hi Sarah!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a sweet comment!!! We do have alot in common =) I also am obsessed with HSN!!!!!!

    I cant even believe you WON flippin AWESOME....I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!
    your blog is so stinkin cute...I am off to check out more!!!



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