Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sea World

I was so blessed to be able to accompany my daughter on her 5th grade field trip a couple weeks ago to Sea World. I haven't been there since I went in 5th grade. Each of the Chaperons were assigned students and then they were able to go and do whatever they wanted to do. I was chaperon over my daughter and a girl in her class named Serina.

I would have to say besides Shamu, my favorite exhibit was the Sharks. It was creepy and cool all at once. I surely wouldn't want to run into one of these monsters. If you've never been there or maybe haven't been there in a long time let me tell you how it is. You walk in and there are all these little sharks in water next to you. Not a big deal. But then you walk into a tunnel made of glass, well a clear material of some kind and there are big sharks swimming around everywhere. While it is neat to see them in there habitat it is creepy to think that if the glass broke, we are all goner's.

Shellsea's favorite part was strangly the stingrays. Ewwww, they are so slimy but she loved them. She spent probably a good 10 minutes just petting the slimy things.

This is the only picture I was able to get of Shellsea and I together. But how fitting it was in front of the stingray! It was alot of fun and I can't wait to take our whole family and spend at least a day. There was so much more that we did and saw but these were a couple of the highlights

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