Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Probably not invented yet.

My Son has a 52" Big Screen TV in his room. It is one that his dad got from a customer who didn't want it anymore. The color is off but other than that it works great. Well it's so big it just really makes his room cluttered. He does not need that TV in his room. So I was telling him today that we have to take it out but I will give him my old 19" flat screen from my scrapbook studio. He looks at me and says, "But mom that TV is so small." I replied, "Jaiden I never had a TV in my room growing up so you better be thankful to have a TV at all." Then you know what his response to that was? "Probably because they weren't invented yet." Really? Wow! It's amazing how kids really think we are soooo old.

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